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At Cherry Creek Quarter Horses, quality counts. One of our primary missions is to produce the best, gentlest horses in the country. So far, we have been successful in pursuing this goal, earning a positive reputation across the state of Wyoming as providing genuine, patient, and superior care for both our horses, and for our customers. Take a look at our available horses.


At Cherry Creek Quarter Horses, our goal is to strive for patron satisfaction throughout the entire buying process: beginning with establishing and developing interest in a particular horse. We also strive to create opportunities to ride and interact with the desired horse(s), becoming better acquainted with the horse, and eventually, if satisfied by the horse shown, supporting the purchase of the horse. Furthermore, our horses are capable of being much more than just riding companions; at Cherry Creek Quarter Horses, we depend on the horses in multiple ways. Including, but not limited to, ranch heritage shows, National Rein Cow Horse Shows, team roping, calf roping, trail riding, branding calves, and also sorting cattle. At Cherry Creek Quarter Horses, we enjoy making sure that our horses are nothing short of top-performing as well as in excellent condition. We encourage potential purchasers to visit our headquarters in Ten Sleep, Wyoming, where they will have the chance to learn about their selected horse before buying. Cherry Creek Quarter Horses are bought from top quality bloodlines that show great potential both in and out of the show ring! These horses qualify as some of the best colts from all of the best ranches in the entire country. Moreover, because we customize riding lessons to best accommodate the varying levels of riders, your experience at Cherry Creek Quarter Horses is guaranteed to be fulfilling and rewarding. Please contact us today, if you do, you are going to ride the BEST!