Our intention is to connect equine enthusiasts with a superiorly trained American Quarter horse (AQH). The Cherry Creek training process is meticulous in ensuring an exclusively trained AQH. One of our top priorities is to match riders with a horse that both interests them and is compatible to their horsemanship needs. When choosing weanlings for our program, we choose from Quality Breeders based on bloodlines, confirmation and color.
The first step in the Cherry Creek Quarter Horse training program is halter breaking. Colts are on a growth ration throughout the winter and turned out on the mountain pasture in the spring, yearlings return in October-November to start their second phase of training which includes: groundwork, more groundwork, and saddling for the first time. In the spring of their second year, we start riding the colts soft and easy, until they feel nice and calm. They will then be used to trail cattle and sort cattle in the fall of that year.
On the colts’ three year old year, they begin their show career depending on their progression in their training.
At four years of age, the colts are used for all sorts of ranch work such as, gatherings, pasture work, sorting, and branding. They also are introduced to speed events such as roping, rein cow horse, extreme trail riding, and cutting.
As you can see, our training program exposes a five year old horse to multiple situations and places as well as people. Overall, if you want to ride the best, pick a horse and come try him out. Cause you are going to ride the best!
Cherry Creek Quarter Horses is located in Wyoming.

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